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From the world to Turkey / from Turkey to the world

Keşif Nakliyat is an independent freight forwarder in İstanbul /Turkey . We strive to give excellent service for your import and export needs. Using various transportation modes in our global agency network has been supplying we have been offering our clients the best solutions for their logistics needs since 1998. Shipping to/from Turkey can be a complex task if you decide to arrange it without the help of a freight forwarder, it can be more cost effective to use a freight forwarder. This may seem a silly statement, but if you use a freight forwarder for your shipping to Turkey, then they will phone around the shipping lines, or airlines, to get the best deal. Often a freight forwarder’s long-term business relationship with the carriers will pay off. Also, by using a freight forwarder you are going to avoid simple mistakes which could end up quite costly to you and your business. It is a simple decision to instruct a freight forwarder who will handle all elements of your shipping to /from Turkey.

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